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"Live carefully because there are people around you,

whose lives and wellness depend on your actions."

Krzysztof Kieslowski

Beyond Your Window is a short narrative game divided into 4 different short stories,
each with an epilogue that changes depending on the players' choices.

While searching for new stories to tell, you look outside your window...
and catch glimpses of other people's lives.
Observing their struggles, you ask yourself what you would do
if it was you living those moments, those situations.
As you immerse yourself in stories filled with love, choices and difficulties,
will you be able to find something to inspire your ideas?


4 choice based stories about love struggles and apartments.

Multiple endings for each story.

A total of 15 characters.

30min/1h for a single walkthrough.

Music by Gròa.


Gaia Papoila

Lio Cordano, Emma Martinuz

Text editing:
Lidia Santoemma

Main theme:
Matteo Emanuele Vacca

Titles' songs:

Ending Song:
Death Grips

Direction, Programming and Writing:

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streaming this rn, I'm going to cry


really enjoyed the game <3


I love this game, the art and all the stories. It's just beautiful. ^^


The first thing that came to my mind is the so-called "sonder" - the realization that each passerby is a unique and complex human being on their own, with their own worries, backstory, hopes, dreams and fears. We start off looking through our own window, and what do we see? Almost nothing. But even if we do not see something or someone at a first glance, it doesn't mean they are not there. 

Very intimate portrait of human's psyche and their worries. 


This was a thoroughly enjoyable game about one of my favourite pastimes... people watching!

As the story progresses we learn more about the people we can spy from our apartment window (or perhaps it's just what we imagine them to be going through), and we get to decide what direction their lives will go in.

It really is a wonderful story about looking through a lens and trying to grasp what humanity is all about, and I loved every second.

Another cracking game from the team, and I hugely recommend it!


Wonderful gameplay as usual! Thanks a lot for playing BYW and we're very glad and happy you enjoyed it!!

(1 edit)

Asides from the stories, the art style, please the choice of music in each story really sets the mood and it really gives me vibes on what to expect in each story. Great job on the choice of music~!

And as a uni student too, I experienced some parts in the game that gave me the light of what might have been.

Thank you for creating this game!


Thank you for playing and for pointing out the music aspect, we're happy you noticed it!!

Really loved the art style and the concept. I just wished the dialogues were narrated which would have enhanced the experience of the game.  Overall nice game i would say!

Thanks! It would be nice to make a narrated version in the future, we'll see!

i love the game so much is very cool<3<3

Thank you!!

Nice game! Loved the stories and the ambientation ;-)

Just a couple of minor improvements:

  • There is a small typo in the spanish translation of the first decision for the student. In the first option says "Lara" while in the rest of texts it says "Laura".
  • While in the title for a new story, if a click for skipping it, the music stops abruptly. A fade out would be apreciatted.

Other than that I enjoyed playing the game. Good work!

Thank you for your feedback, we never noticed those errors and we'll fix them as soon as we can! Also, thank you for playing BYW, we're happy you enjoyed it!!

Deleted post

We're sorry about your illness and thanks for playing BYW, knowing that it helped you emotionally makes us happy and proud of the work we've done!

a very nice little game!! it does a good job on evoking that very specific feeling of losing in thought while looking out the window. it felt that way for me at least.  i really like the choice of colours for each diff characters! plus the choice of music the art style are super neat!

We're happy you enjoyed all these aspects and the game in general, thank you for playing!!

Was a really good game, that showed a lot of interesting concept and breaking the fourth wall. The art and music went hand in hand was really well made! 

Your gameplay is wonderful, thank you for making it! We're very glad you enjoyed the game!

i really enjoyed the game its really nice, would recommend to others 

Thanks a lot!!


Very nice little and delicate visual novel about choices and consequences. I really liked it. The game is polished and graphic and music fit perfectly in the game mood.

Thank you, we're happy you liked it!!

Really well crafted game, the stories feel really human and relatable, the art style is also gorgeous , good job!

Thanks a lot for the gameplay, we're happy you enjoyed the game!

Deleted 61 days ago
(1 edit) (+1)

Thank you!! And yes, we made tiny references to both Fiona and Hayley, but also other musicians such as Tyler, the creator, David Bowie and others u.u

i played the game and it was fun! Comment down below if you want to see more of me playing this game. Anyways it would help alot if you check out my channel and to subscribe. Thank you!!

Thanks a lot for the beautiful gameplay, we're very happy you liked it and we hope you will continue the other stories!

no problem and i will try to keep playing it! 

this game is amazing!!!!!

Thaaankss, we're very happy you liked it!!

Interesting art ! thanx

Thank you for playing u.u

cool Art style


Hi, I really like the aesthetics of this game. Good job.

Thank you!

Great game and amazing experience! I love the idea, mechanics, art style.. I love games like these and i'm loooking forward to more of your games! :) By the way... what is the programming language or tool you used for this game?


Thank you sooo much!! The game is made with Ren'Py, which uses Python language!

Thank you for sharing this info!

This game was absolutely wonderful!!! It really touched me personally because each story related to my life and emotions in some way or another. This game honestly touched my heart! The music was amazing and I love the simple yet absolutely effective art style and everything!! I would love to someday make something like this so thank you for being an inspiration to me through this lovely piece of art.

Comments like yours make us understand why we wanted to make games! You can't imagine how happy we are that you enjoyed the game so much and proud to be of an inspiration for you!! We also hope you'll be able to develop your project and, if you'll need some help or feedback, you know where to find us!

i really wish i could give you money D:


Don't worry!! We're glad you liked the game and, if you want, you can leave a rating, it will help us a lot!

one of my favourite games Ive ever played the graphics and visuals were so beautiful and i love everything about this game please play it!!

(1 edit)

Thanks a lot, we're sooo happy you liked BYW so much!!

Such a lovely game!! 

Thank you!!

This Game is really wonderful.I have not finished the game yet and I'm super excited to continue. It would be awesome if there was a second installment. If anyone sees this comment, feel free to click the following video for the first gameplay video I have published: And I hope you are all safe. Much love from me <3


Thank you for your gameplays, we appreciate it a lot!

nice style

Thank you!


There's a demon in the mirror.

Thanks for the gameplay!!

This game gave me really good feels. But I feel like you could maybe expand it more.

We're glad you liked it!! And, probably, you'll like the next project we're developing ;D

The feels I get when I see the Talking Heads :'(

Krzysztof Kieslowski lives on, in all of us who admired him.

Without him, our games wouldn't be the same at all, we really owe a lot to him and it's beautiful to know that another admirer of him has played BYW, thank you!!


loved it! lonely girl and sleepy student deserve the world...


Thank you, we're very happy you liked those two characters, they're our favourites!

This was great, will be following the studio for new projects! I think that the overall theme of the game was something that everyone can relate to! 


Thanks for all the kind words, your support means a lot to us!!

This was a fun short game with nice artwork, cool music and an interesting message!

Thank you!!

Played multiple times to get different endings and i must say I was not disappointed by the quality of this game :) really refreshing to see these kind of themes being treated in a very unique way while still being respectful of their sensitive nature.
Will be looking forward to other projects :) Kudos! 

Thank you!! We'll release new projects soon, so stay tuned!

Really, really amazing game! The stories were touching, yet easy to follow, the artwork is super high quality, and overall the gameplay was enjoyable!

We are very happy you liked it and thanks for the gameplay! If you want you can link it here in the comments!

The art style is so pretty and inspiring. I loved the story and how it makes you think. Love the music also very nice!

We're very happy you liked it, thank you very much for playing!!

I had a great experience playing "Beyond Your Window" and left it feeling a bit better :) Thank you so much for creating and sharing this game!

Thank you for playing! You can't imagine how happy we are that you enjoyed it so much!!

Just finished playing it. It was an amazing experience! I loved everything about it, and it leaves a very powerful message.

 Is there any way that I could get in touch with you?

Thanks, we're glad you liked it! You can follow us on Twitter at @TSoletude or write to soletudeteam@gmail.com!!

Absolutely loved it, the art is incredible as well

Thanks a lot for playing, it makes us very very happy!!