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Wings begin to emerge, breaking the cycle of feeling stagnant
Finally free, the butterfly sheds light on situations
That the caterpillar never considered, ending the internal struggle

Kendrick Lamar - Mortal Man

You're a private taxi driver.
You receive reservations.
Reach the pick-up point.
Then drive your clients toward their destination.

Tonight, you have to take a girl to a hotel.
But who is she?
Why is she going there?

**Warning: this game deals with strong themes not suitable for children.**


Asobi is a simpler take on our previous approach to Visual Novels.
Our aim was to develop a more focused and linear story
than our usual choice-based projects,
with the observational approach from Beyond Your Window,
and the theme of memories from Reminiscence in the Night.

Additionally, Asobi is inspired mainly by the movies of
Tsukamoto Shinya and Kon Satoshi,
and is dedicated to the latter in honour of the 10th anniversary of his death.

With this project we don't intend to offend or hurt anyone.
Our only intention is to tell a story, and not give a moral lecture.

We truly hope you'll like the simplicity
and all the feelings and ideas we wanted to convey
with this story.


Art: Gaia Papoila, Lidia Santoemma & Rinkaku

UI: Lidia Santoemma

Direction, Programming, Sound & Writing: Rinkaku

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Really nice, interesting VN with a twist I didn't see coming. The writing is simple but effective, and the art is gorgeous! The use of sound effects throughout also adds a lot to the atmosphere.

This is a gem of a VN; I enjoyed my time with it a lot! You all did a great job!


I love this visual novel *a lot*. Great story.


Very beautiful game. I didn't even think that the ending would be like that. i really liked how this game portrayed these really deep themes and topics.


Hi, I tried and really like it! I sent you an email about translation but didn't get a reply. If you are interested, could you please reply me? Thanks! And looking forward your future works! <3

Hi! Thanks a lot for playing and leaving this kind comment! We just came out from a very busy period and just started sorting out all the emails we received!

This was such a nice game to play, for some reason it was relaxing to hear her history while listening to the car sound, I must say I REALLY enjoyed playing this game, the only thing that I didn't like was the resolution but everything was perfect, nice art and good story. Also, I wanted to translate this game to Portuguese (Brazil), for free of course, if you are interested just give me a touch ;)

Hi, sorry for the late answer! We're very happy you enjoyed playing Asobi and thanks a lot for the kind words!
About the translation, you can write to us here: soletudeteam@gmail.com

Deleted post

Thanks, we're happy you liked it!!

I really love this game!! Can I make a video on this game with audio on without getting copyrighted?


Hi!! Don't worry, you can play it without any problem!

Ok, Thank you so much!! uwu XD 

Thank you for sharing this Visual Novel experience with everyone! It was a nice feeling to listen to Remu and her story. Keep up the good work TEAM SolEtude :)

Here's my playthrough for all to explore, Enjoy!

Thank you for the gameplay and your appreciation, we're very glad you enjoyed it!!

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Very cool experience, I liked it a lot!


Thank you!!


I really enjoyed this game. I was mentally prepared for some super deep themes and I was not disappointed. Very few games cover the dark reality that some people have to go through in order to survive. This was a lovely game, the ambience, art and fleshed out character Remu are wonderful. Awesome job devs. <3 


Thank you for the gameplay!! We're so glad you liked it! Our aim with all our games is to cover different kinds of realities, from darker to lighter ones, as we did in Beyond Your Winfow for ex, and Asobi was an attempt to narrate about a kind of character we haven't seen very often in games!
Thanks again, your impressions and feedbacks make us very proud of the work we've done <3

Amo sus juegos <3 ! a penas pueda quiero apoyarlos con donaciones :u: <3

Thank you, we're sooo happy you liked it!!


A very deep and thoughtful introspection on life. I honestly wasn't quite expecting to be dragged through the emotional wringer quite so much, but I'm not complaining about it by any means!

The set-up is great, it starts out so seemingly simple and branches out into a laid-bare, tell-all experience with a creeping tension building up in the background. A feeling in the back of your mind that everything here isn't quite as it seems. A lump in the throat that you can't swallow. All whilst hearing about someone's life. Their experiences. Their hopes. Their wants. Their needs. Their failures. Their loss.

I could have easily just summed this game up with a "Wow", but it honestly deserved much more than that.

Great job all round, hauntingly brilliant.


Thanks a lot for both your comment and the gameplay! We're very glad Asobi left such a strong impression and thanks for all the compliments!!

A short, but haunting experience, with very nice writing. I could definitely feel the satoshi kon vibes you aimed for. It's also always nice to see italian developers in the credits - can't wait to try "Beyond Your Window" and "Reverie", keep up with the good work!

We're so happy you liked Asobi!! And we hope you'll enjoy our other two releases too (Reverie still isn't complete, but we aim to release it soon)!


Very atmospheric and effective. I like the visual style and audio, which create this almost peaceful mood. The audio especially, does so much for this game. Thought-out and well-written, the twist was my favorite part of the experience, but it wouldn’t have been effective without the whole. Very well done! 


Thanks again for your gameplay! If you enjoyed this one, you'll be surprised by our next game (even if it'll take some time to release it)!!

That ending... I love it a lot.


We're very happy you liked it!!


Very powerful, raw and emotional. Very well done writing, I would recommend maybe a few more visuals though.

Thanks for the gameplay and your kind words!

such a profound and amazing game, absolutely loved it!

Thank you!

greats visuals and clever use of sound. really gives you chills. well done! 


Thanks a lot!

Great art style, nice audio and a story that leaves your mid to think about yourself. I liked it!

Thanks, we're very glad you liked it!!

really good, kind of reliable it's the kind of feeling i'm looking for

Thank you!!

The final twist at the end of the game compelled me to rethink about the choices I've made in Asobi haha. It was really good! 

I also love the blue aesthetic, which gives the mood a melancholic and gloomy existence.

I really enjoyed playing through it!

Thanks!! We appreciate a lot and we're happy you liked the blue aesthetic, we're sooo proud of how it came out!

Hello Team SolEtude!

I enjoyed the game. It definitely got deeper through conversation. The ending (like others have mentioned) definitely caught me off guard, but was cool. I thought the art style really help put more into the story, it worked well together!

Good stuff!


Thanks a lot for playing and making a gameplay of it, we're sooo happy you liked it!!


Nice final twist. It reminds me an old movie, A Pure Formality

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Thank you, we didn't know about that movie but the connection is interesting!

I was NOT expecting that ending! This was so beautifully written, and the art really supports the narrative. The GUI is also adorable! I ended up clicking anything resembling a button to see if there's a hidden feature hahah

We're very glad you liked it and the GUI artist thanks you a lot!!

I wasn't expecting that. Nice story!


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Nice story

Amazing story dev :D 

Hi! Thanks a lot for the gameplay!!