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Can't wait to play the full game, the demo certainly hooked me in! 

Are there certain triggers? Like stalking, sexual assault, child abuse, or anything? I would like to know before playing.

No, there aren't! The game has a little bit of horror but it's mostly related to feeling self-hate related to the memories of a loved one, and it's not related to any delicate topic in particular!

Ok, thank you! I'll have to check it out then :)

loved it :)

absolutely lovely game

Really like the artstyle! This game has a cozy and relaxing vibes. Looking forward to the full released game!

Really liked the artwork and the pacing... Good work, looking forward to the full release which I saw on Twitter is not far off. :)


Thanks a lot for the gameplay!!


Thanks for the gameplay! It helped me decide to add this to my download list

:) Aww. Enjoy Reminiscence in the Night.

such a lovely game :D I'm looking forward for the full release

Thank you!! We hope to release it soon!

this is super cool, love the eerie mood

Thank you, we're happy you liked it!!

The game has an interesting idea in it and the music is nice. I'll keep an eye out for this game.

Here's my channel for other games I have played.

Hi! Thanks again for playing it, we really appreciate it!

Very nice ^^

Eagerly waiting for the release day.

Thanks a lot!!

The music is beautiful, including the writing too! I like the approach it's going to! I look forward seeing the full game once it's released!

Thank you!! We're very happy you liked it!


Could be an interesting game...? Demos for visual novels makes it super hard to judge them since it's usually a lot of build up before the climax but anyways my full play through here:


Hi! I already answered under your video but just wanted to thank you once again!

Thank you as well!