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I really enjoyed the visual novel demo and looking forward to see more of it :)
Excellent visual art and intriguing narrative. I think the audio is a little rough in the edges, with abrupt transitions between loops and scenes - but it managed to set the scene and contribute to the overall ambience!

I can't wait to see the rest!

This was a shocking experience and not what I expected to say the least. It was an intriguing demo and I hope to be able to play the full game on my channel

SO GOOD! i need to play more and find out what happened

At the moment the development is on hiatus, but we hope to be able to go back to it soon!

Really promising demo! Loved the visuals and atmosphere.

Thanks a lot!!

Beautiful! I am really excited to see more.  I love how well you capture the existential feelings. 

Thank you, we're glad you liked it!

I really enjoyed this, can't wait to see more

It's on a momentary hiatus, now, but we hope to release more soon!!

I'm usually not that much into visual novels, but I really enjoyed this one!

The artwork was excellent and the calls from the depths with the sound was great.

Thanks a lot, we're very happy you enjoyed it!

The illustrations and sound design are excellent in this! Shame it's just a demo, I was just getting into it. Good luck on the full release!

Thank you, we hope to be able to finish it soon!!

Very beautiful game with amazing writing. I can't wait until the next update!

Thank you, we're happy you enjoyed it!! As of now, the project is on a momentary hiatus as we are working on a bigger game, but we hope to finish Oxygen soon!