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This VN resonated with me more than i thought it ever would. 


Homunculus Hotel is a tender and intimate experience that leaves you pondering about life and its fragilities. There are few art pieces that got me wishing i could go back and see them for the first time all over again; Homunculus Hotel is one of those pieces. Incredible job.

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Well this demo really sets up quite an intriguing tale! I was left with so many questions, which is devilishly smart because that means you know I'll be coming back for more!

Aside from the wistful, engaging storytelling, this game also has the Team's standard for gorgeous art and backgrounds, which makes the whole experience so much more compelling.

This was just a taster of course, the main dish is yet to be served, and I am looking forward to tucking into it!

If visual novels / interactive story games are your thing (and they probably are if you're here already), make this demo one you definitely try out. It's wondrous and heartbreaking all at the same time.


gorgeous game, beautiful, absolutely stunning, thank you SolEtude for making this.

Thank you for playing it and enjoying it so much!!


I was in love with everything from start to finish, I do hope for more! (good lord those illustrations make me swoon)


We will release more of it very soon so stay tuned!! You can follow us on Twitter at @TSoletude, but we will also make some DevLogs here!

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Thank you!!

Really interesting story and the illustrations were amazing. Can't wait to see more of it! 

Thank you, we're very happy you liked it and hope to release more soon!!

Thoroughly enjoyed the demo, it's solemn. The music is very soothing <3 Looking forward to the full game!


Thanks a lot!! We are glad you enjoyed both the game itself and the music!

I like how introspective and deep this visual novel is. It makes you think about life from someone else's perspective.


Thanks a lot for the gameplay, we're happy you enjoyed the game!!

You're welcome, y'all did a great job.